By Doc Kane

Mistakes to Avoid When…

(building a freelance writing business)

Stay out of the muck in 2020! Learn how to comfortably grow your freelance writing business and dodge costly mistakes that can keep you from seeing true success. Use the tips, action plans and resources in the book to create a business formula that works FOR you instead of against you. See why early reviewers have been calling “Mistakes to Avoid When…” a “must-read.”

Through case studies, hard-won personal experience, and interviews with professionals outside the freelance marketplace, author Doc Kane will show you how to keep your business humming, and your bank account healthy. 

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Doc Kane

Doc Kane’s versatile writing style has peppered the web and all manner of printed communication materials since 1994. He’s a veteran of the music and entertainment industries and a recovering marketer. These days, he prefers to think of himself more as a sales guy and writer, than a marketer, and loves helping others bring more of themselves to their sales and promotion efforts.

He’s worked in businesses large and small, from Amazon to M&M Mars, to several successful startups and family-owned businesses all around the Midwest and East Coast of the United States. For five years he fired his way through the dental industry, writing hundreds of medical and health articles for the dental software firm, RevenueWell as their marketing communications manager. Doc has also been a film story analyst, and script reader for multiple film festivals in the United States. You may have even seen him on camera in Showtime’s “Shameless,” “Civil War Deniers,” “Professor Mack,” and CNBC. Doc was also the archival film and audio researcher for The History Channel’s Emmy-nominated, “Vietnam in HD” series.

In 2017, Doc retired to Japan to write and research even more, and to share his passion for the English language with the dedicated learners of Kobe, Japan. He is currently completing his first novel, “Rapt in Indigo,” a story set in that very city in 1994.

Doc leads his publishing company, Roscommon from the Kansai region of Japan and along with his wife, Reiko is co-founder of the Japanese to English translation firm, Maplopo.

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Embracing their immigrant musical heritage and working class status, youth in 1950’s Liverpool almost single-handedly revived an American cultural style in danger of lapsing in its home country; holding on long enough to bring rock’n’roll back to life in 1964. In the late fifties, the music did, in fact, nearly die.

Wish Fulfilled: A Vignette by Osamu Dazai (Japanese to English Translation by Reiko Seri and Doc Kane)

As we edge toward the 75th anniversary of Osamu Dazai’s death, much of his masterful prose remains surprisingly unknown to most English language readers. This observational vignette written by a youthful Dazai offers a lovely introduction to the introspective master widely known and loved in Japan.

The Music Industry Guidebook: A clear guide to getting a job in the music business… fast! 

Breaking into the music business is simple with The Music Industry Guidebook. And in this jam-packed book you can use to get a job in the music business next week (no kidding), the path is laid out for you. So, whether you are a high school student with a dream to work in music or a college student searching for a way to snag an internship in the music industry, Doc Kane’s “Music Business Guidebook” provides a roadmap to get you there, and in rapid fashion.

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